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Hearthside Craftworks

Hearthside Craftworks is a family-owned cottage industry, specializing in "HEIRLOOM QUALITY", "STATE-OF-THE-ART", "HAND-CRAFTED" Solid Oak Needlework Stands and Accessories.

We are not a large manufacturing corporation. We do not mass produce our stands: each one is individually crafted. We do not hire employees from outside our family. We choose the finest available Solid Red Oak and finish our products with Golden Oak Stain and Varathane™ - for durability, beauty and easy care. We provide personal attention and service to all our customers, and guarantee total satisfaction with all our products.


Once the fabric is set on the Scroll Rods and the Scroll Rods adjusted and tightened, NO KNOBS NEED BE TURNED WHILE STITCHING. The Scroll Frame on the Floor and Table Stands can be raised and lowered through 180° and set at any stitching position WITHOUT LOOSENING OR TIGHTENING ANY KNOBS (OR SCREWS) for easy access to the back of your project. Frames can be tilted left or right approximately 45° from horizontal with the adjustment of one knob. The Lap Stand and Mark 2 Floor Stand Scroll Frames can be rotated a full 360° for easy access to the back of your work... WE CALL THIS "HANDS-FREE STITCHING"!