1.         from Liz in U.S.A.:

“Helen – I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful telephone conversation we had the other day when I ordered the floor stand.  I had such fun talking with you about everything.  It’s nice to feel a *bond* with people you do business with – nicer yet to feel you’ve made a new friend. … You know, I’ve never heard ONE negative thing about your floor/table/lap stands?!? Amazing!  You should be very proud, indeed.”


2.         when asked of Maureen in Australia if we could use her as a reference her reply was:

“Please feel free.  By the way, your packaging stands the test of half-way ‘round the world travel too.  When it arrives it looks as though it hasn’t been anywhere!!”


3.         from Kathleen in U.S.A. speaking of the Original Floor Stand:                                 

“I have the floor stand with the pattern holder and tray – and I absolutely love it.  As to the workmanship and sturdiness of the floor stand – in a word, excellent.  This is definitely a quality piece of furniture.  I expect my grandkids will be stitching on it someday.   The stand came very well packed and was very easy to assemble.


4.         from Chris in Canada:

“…I have received my floor stand and love it.  The floor stand is everything you told me and more.  I don’t know how I ever worked without one.


5.         from Mayté  in Spain:

“…Yesterday I received my new order from Hearthside!!!!  Great Products, Great Service as always!!!  Happy Customer here!!!”


6.         from Pat in Canada:

“I got my stand, etc. just over a week ago and I love it!  Everything arrived in perfect shape and it was very easy to assemble.  It is even more beautiful and functional than I expected.  John does gorgeous work – it truly is like having a piece of fine furniture in my living room.  And I like how it acts as a display for my work-in-progress.  I hadn’t been doing much cross-stitching lately (I have some arthritis problems) and I really missed it.  Now if I could just quit work, so I could stitch full-time, I’d be in needlework heaven!  Thank you and John for my new ‘best friend’ – I’ll certainly be spending a lot of time with it!  I would gladly and enthusiastically recommend your products to anyone and everyone…”


7.         from Christiane in Canada:

“Thank you for a great product, the quality is evident and it does make a world of difference on my neck and back, being able to sit properly while stitching.  Also, by taking the weight off your arms you can stitch for longer periods, and cuts down on the flipping back and forward.  It does look good and can be left in a living room without offending the décor and keeps your husband from nagging at you by leaving that ‘craft stuff lying all over the place again”.


8.         from Lisa in U.S.A.:

“I am bursting at the seams so I have to share”  my DH ordered me a Hearthside Craftworks floor stand. .. If anyone is contemplating buying one of these stands, I can definitely vouch for the remarkable quality and the superb service.  The stand arrived on time and in great condition… Helen and John, Thank you so much for the great customer service.  I am a very satisfied customer.”


9.         from Bea in Canada:

“I just received my table stand today and I am so pleased with it.  It is beautiful to look at and it went together easily – excellent instructions and pictures.  Thank you so much for such a supberb piece of workmanship… one very satisfied customer!”


10,       from ­Sara in U.S.A.:

“My beautiful new Hearthside stand arrived yesterday – thank you ever so much for this beautiful work of art that I now own.  I am sooo proud of it.  The workmanship as well as the design is superior – it was so easy to assemble.  The packing was so efficient and excellent – there wasn’t a scratch anywhere.  I will be the envy of my stitching friends:  You will be hearing from me again – must have more Scroll Rods.”


11.       from Normand in Canada:

“just received your table stand and the wife could not wait for x-mas to open it.  She is very happy and I’m sure a new project will start tomorrow.  I suggest you identify your creations with your trade mark and date for future generations.  The idea cam from Louise who said “this gift will follow me in my family by giving it away in will”.  When we look at antiques, the value is established by who and when it was made by the artist.  Your craftworks deserves to be looked for in many years from now.”



12.       from ­Lori in U.S.A.:

“I received the stand yesterday and all I can say is ‘I LOVE IT’.  It is exactly what I was looking for and I am so excited to have it.  If you ever need any customer comments to give to potential customers feel free to use me.”


13.       from Dianne in U.S.A.:

“…my frame arrived on Friday safe and sound.  I had no problem putting it together, the directions were very self-explanatory.  I’ve had a chance to use it and it is just delightful.  I only wish I had made the investment a couple of years ago.  I already had a large collection of scroll rods and John drilled the holes a little larger for me so that my scroll rods would be compatible.  I would recommend this frame to anybody.”


14.       from Donna in U.S.A. (written in answer to an enquiry on a web message forum:

I like that the floor stand attaches to both sides of the scroll rod frame for stability (as opposed to the top or just one side).  I absolutely LOVE the idea of this Flip Frame so that I can get to the back of my piece without having to undo umpteen different wing nuts.  I love that it is hand-made by a real craftsman (not a machine) and I would rather support a craftsman than a big conglomerate.  And this lovely craftsman will also customize it for ME (drilling bigger holes, etc.).  Price-wise it is just a tad higher than some models I have seen, though I have also seen some higher priced…I am a firm believer in word-of-mouth advertising, and I have yet to find anyone who is not absolutely thrilled with their Hearthside Craftworks Floor Stand (either model).


15.       from Lisa in U.S.A.:

“It is the single best thing I have ever stitched on and my work is literally 3 times as fast!   Everbody that is a serious stitcher really needs to get one of these frames, they make my relaxation time with stitching an even better experience.”


16.       from a local needlework shop in Canada (about the Mark 2 Floor Stand:

“…took our day off and went to a ladys home to set up the stand.  She wanted it but wanted to try it first in her setting and seating arrangement.  We just felt it would be better to go and put it together and adjust it ourselves.  She has been a good customer, and we knew when she saw it working in her own environment she would like it.  She has had some difficulty with her one hand which has hindered her holding her work any longer as we suggested the stand.  We made a few suggestions and rearranged a few things and then let her try stitching for a while.  When we were done she felt that it would work for her and she wrote the cheque right there and then.  Well the next day she just had to phone to tell us how wonderful the stand was and that she now has no pain as she stitches.  We were thrilled for her.”   Note from Hearthside Craftworks – this is the type of ‘customer service’ that brings customers to the local needlework shop.  We would be pleased to recommend this store to anyone who wishes to ask.  We support all local needlework shops if there is one in your area.


17.       from Michele in Canada:

“ … I received the needlepoint frame in good order.  Now that’s a needlepoint stand.  What a beautiful design.  I especially like the angle of the frame as it stands on the floor.  I find one of the hardest parts of needlework is to get the frame tilted so it doesn’t overly strain the shoulders & neck.  This frame does not encourage that problem at all.  I will look forward to using it for many years.”


18.       from Jackie in U.S.A.:

“My Mark 2 Floor Stand arrived.  It is wonderful!  The workmanship is superb!  And it is so easy to use.  After surgery on both wrists for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the stand is my dream come true.  I’ve Been stitching to my hear’s content.  It is so nice not to loosen a know to flip the scroll rods.  Thanks so much!!!!”


19.       from Cheryl in U.S.A.:

“I love my Hearthside craft works lap stand.  I can sit in bed, on the recliner or the sofa all with the same stand.  Also it becomes quite small to take with you.”


20.       from Claudianne in U.S.A.”

I can attest to the quality of John's stands...I have both the lap 

stand and the floor stand and LOVE them!!


21.       from Louise in U.S.A.:

 “I use the frame every single day and only wish I could have purchased the entire unit many years ago”


22.       from Mindy in U.S.A.:

“Although the Mark 2 does not fold down, I do find it very lightweight and easy to put up in minutes.  I just detach the bottom legs and the scroll assembly on top (if I feel the need to be extra cautious with the stitching).  When I get to wherever I am going, it takes me about 2 second to assemble the whole thing together again.  I've taken it to classes, to work, to volleyball games, to football games and on Doug's boat.  I think it is so moveable because of how light it is. I am a lifelong fan of Hearthside!” “this frame is a 10th of my purchases <stitching stash> and worth more than all of them combined.  As for the prices not being on the website,  John created his first stand for Helen so she could continue to stitch.  I believe that that concept still continues.  Helen is that grandmotherly loving voice that asks you how your day is and how she can best fit you to the best stand.  Incomparable customer service absolutely free, no pressure to buy and who knows, you just might find a
lifelong friend in her.



23.       from ­Sandy in U.S.A.:

“Thank you so much, Helen for helping Larry with this wonderful surprise. I know I'm going to enjoy stitching on it.  I love the way it adjusts in so many ways and rolls away from the chair so easily.  I especially like the spring-loaded side hinges so that you may turn over your work to secure threads on the back without loosening the knobs.  Genious!!!”


24.       from Beth in Canada:

“I bought this stand (along with the rest of my family) for my mother for Christmas.  It is extremely stable and even remains in place with bumping from 2 large dogs and a cat who are determined to help her stitch.  The vertical supports provide height adjustments through the use of knobs screwed into holes in the legs, preventing any downward creep.


25.       from Pamela in U.S.A.:

“…I have the <Original Floor Stand > they make and it's VERY sturdy.  I find that if things start to slip a little (which they don't as a rule) it's just because I have moved it around too much.  I just tighten up the springs a little.  Mine seem to gradually loosen up over the course of a month or two.  Turning a little thing every month or two is REALLY minimal upkeep.  The special 360 degree turning hinges is so great!  I bought the special 36" wide bar for mine and I've had projects on that took up the whole thing and it doesn't really slip down.  Another thing I love about mine is that the whole frame part flips completely up straight to make it easier to get in and out of my "nest". The springs hold everything firmly together so it doesn't slide around until you move it on purpose and then it moves easily. DH was fascinated by it when the frame came.   I happened to be gone that weekend and he was so intrigued by how it worked that he had put it all together for me.  He says it's really cool how it works and says he wishes he had thought of it.  John is obviously a genius.  Anyway, the whole stand is extremely well made and very adjustable.  I'd love to have one of the ones with wheels, too, but I truly love the one I have.   My complaint with frames I looked at before was that it was so hard to get at the back.  You had to keep loosening things up to turn to the back.  With the Hearthside ones, you don't have to loosen anything.  My poor fingers just can't take all that loosening and tightening, so I love my frame.


26.       from Sarah in Canada:

I have the first model of Hearthside and I can assure you it is ANYTHING but unstable.

Not only are products from Hearthside sturdy and excellently made, they are a fine piece of craftsmanship - mine sits in the corner of my living room even withOUT stitching on it, and get many compliments.  I also believe that Helen and John stand behind their products 150% and would be able to answer any questions you might have.  I would recommend Helen to anyone - good honest businesswoman who is a stitcher.


27.       from Norma in U.S.A:

“I picked up the needlework stand at the post office today and am so pleased with it.  The quality is everything you advertised it would be.  Thank you so much for outstanding service”


28.       from Diana in U.S.A.:

i can't express the words about the mark2!  It is very easy to work with and I can just about sit down and work my project for 8hrs without any discomfort on my days off.:


29.       from Dianne P. in U.S.A.

“Just wanted to let you know that my frame arrived on Friday safe and sound.  I had no problem putting it together, the directions were very self-explanatory. I've had a chance to use it and it is just delightful.  I only wish I had made the investment a couple years ago.”


30.       from Annelle in U.S.A.:

 “I got one a two weeks ago and it's great. I was able to put my 27" piece on and it's made such a difference. You really can't cradle 27" scroll frames, trust me :-)  And besides it's a beautiful piece of work. The wood is lovely and so well made.


31.       from Lisa in U.S.A.:       

 when I finally had the money to order the Mark II, I called Hearthside Craftworks, and expected to talk to some secretary!  Imagine my suprise and enjoyment when I actually got to speak with Helen!  She was very helpful, she asked me what I enjoy stitching, and what sizes of linen and fabrics I usually use; she helped me make my floor stand exactly what I needed and WANTED to stitch on...She wanted to make sure I got the perfect fit for me, and she sure delivered!  My mark II is the best investment I have ever made
as far as my stitching goes...and it is beautiful too.  (thanks John!)  What more can I say?  Helen and John have a great business, and a fantastic product!  Viva free-enterprise!  I can honestly tell you, if you buy one of their frames, you will be very pleased.