Determines width of stand and accepts scroll rods from 6" to 30"

 Twin Leg Construction

  • Straddles wheelchair, rocker, recliner or regular furniture
  • Height adjustable from 30" to 38"
  • Legs slant towards stitcher for comfortable stitching position

 Dimensions of Feet

  • Height 21/2"
  • Length 18"
  • Clearance under furniture 3"

 Sprind-Loaded Hinge Points

Incorporated into Flip Frame and allows full 360 degree rotation of working scroll frame

 Flip Frame

Supports scroll rods on two sides for stability

 Pattern Holder & Accessory Tray

  • Separate units can be placed in a position not used by Flip Frame on crossbar
  • Tray is sized to use Pako Tread Organizer