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Once the fabric is set on the Scroll Rods and the Scroll Rods adjusted and tightened, NO KNOBS NEED BE TURNED WHILE STITCHING.  The Scroll Frame on the Floor and Table Stands can be raised and lowered through 180° and set at any stitching position WITHOUT LOOSENING OR TIGHTENING ANY KNOBS (OR SCREWS) for easy access to the back of your project.  Frames can be tilted left or right approximately 45° from horizontal with the adjustment of one knob.  The Lap Stand and Mark 2 Floor Stand Scroll Frames can be rotated a full 360° for easy access to the back of your work.


Copyright 2000-2006  ©Hearthside Craftworks,    All Rights Reserved

mark 2 standThe Original Floor Stand © was the first stand.  It has been modified several times since its inception to improve the design.   One of our local needlework shops saw the stand and asked if we would like to show one in their store.  It was a bare-bones stand.  The shop owner, Shelley Peterson, her staff and customers were more than helpful with suggestions for improvements and accessories, and instrumental in the growth of our business.  Thus came the idea for a Flip Frame© which has become our signature accessory and is either an optional accessory or an integral part of all our stands.

The  Mark 2 Floor Stand © is the latest addition to our line of Needlework Stands.  It was designed specifically for use with Wheelchairs.  Don’t let the word ‘wheelchair’ put you off trying the Mark 2.  It is a perfect solution for rockers, recliners and just plain chairs.  The only limitation is that it cannot go under a piece of motion furniture because of the steel bar that comes down to the floor when you raise the foot rest.   Let us take a minute to let you know how it came to be.

“We have a lovely customer in England, who has become a dear friend, who had purchased our Lap Stand.  She received it a couple of days before Christmas and contacted us on Boxing Day (Dec. 26th, 2001) because she was so thrilled that she had been able to stitch for several hours non-stop after setting up her stand and project.   Normally a few minutes at a time was all her health could tolerate.  She then asked John if he might be able to adapt the Lap Stand by extending the legs so they would reach the floor. Her hope was that this would allow the stand to actually straddle her wheelchair (we did not know until this point that she had a medical problem).  It took John nearly a year to come up with a design that would work well for our friend and we sent the prototype to her for Christmas 2002.  Another suggestion our friend made for the new design was to add wheels, which would make moving the stand away from the chair easy and convenient. At that time she let us know how wonderful it was – she was even able to take her Mark 2 to the hospital because it fit over her hospital bed and she was able to stitch during her hospital stay.   This friend, who incidentally was one of our first International Customers, has continued to keep in contact with us and has purchased many sizes and types of accessories for both her Lap Stand and Mark 2 Floor Stand.”

mark 2 outdoorsThis photo shows another customer enjoying her Mark 2 in the boat while her husband enjoys his fishing.

Also available is our Lap Stand which serves dual stitching styles.  It straddles the stitchers legs for use on a couch or chair or can also be used on a Table with minor

adjustments to the location on the towers of the Spring-Loaded Hinge Points©

In 2004, after many requests from local shops, John added a complete line of Stretcher Bars for Canvas work, Needlepoint and Petit Point.  We have two sizes:  ¾” x ¾” in 4” to 32” lengths and a petite set of ½” x ½” in lengths of 4” to 12”.  All Stretcher Bars are crafted from Aspen and have a lovely smooth finish – no rough edges to snag your fabric or fingers.

We have a complete product line of Scroll Rods and Hand-Held Scroll Rod Sets.  The Scroll Rods are interchangeable with most other stitching stands on the market today.  If necessary, we will customize your stand to allow for the use of Scroll Rods already in your ‘stash’.  However, we make them a little differently.  We use a very porous poly-nylon webbing (for those with allergies to polyester we have custom made the Scroll Rods with a cotton webbing) which is 1½” wide – very easy to slide your needle through to hand-baste your project fabric to the webbing.  Or if you prefer, you can easily machine-baste the fabric to the webbing.  We prefer this method since there is no waste to either your fabric or the webbing when you finish one project and go on to the next.